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I live outside the US and Canada. Can I still order your wall stickers?
Of course! We love sending wall stickers to our international friends! We can ship our stickers (most of them) ANYWHERE in the WORLD!  Just shop as normal and select your country when you get to the checkout page. The shipping charge will be calculated and added to your total order cost, generally between $15 to $28 USD depending on the size of your order. We ship stickers via United States Postal Service Priority International Mail with a transit time of 7 to 14 days. Of course, if you have any questions at all, please email us at service@wallstickershop.com!

Are the stickers reusable/removable?
All our stickers can be removed easily without damaging the under surface paint or texture. All of the WallCandy, Wallies, Roommates, Scribble stickers are reusable and can be restuck several times as long as the surface is clean. The BLIK reStick stickers can also be restuck when you are ready to change this up. That's the great thing about almost ALL the items we carry. You can swap or move them whenever you are ready for a change!  Most of the murals are not restickable as they are prepasted and water-activated. If you are not sure about a product, just ask us! We're always happy to help!

I have textured walls, will the wall stickers still stick?
We have used the stickers on textured walls. In fact, our office has textured walls and we have wall stickers everywhere (its tempting when you have so many!). The stickers are all pretty thick so they cover the wall texture pretty smoothly if it is just your standard orange peel type. It is really up to your taste and the degree of texture in your home/office. A deeper texture will show through even the thickest of stickers.

I live in an apartment, will the stickers damage my walls when I remove them?
Our wall stickers were designed with special adhesives that allow for easy removal when its time for a change. If you have poorly painted walls with very, very old flaky paint we can't guarantee some might not come off. However under normal conditions they are easy to remove, don't tear off or splice and do not damage the wall surface nor do they leave any residue.

Where are the stickers made, are they safe?
Most of our stickers are made in the good old USA and the ones that are not are tested by today's latest product safety standards.

Can I return my stickers?
We're happy to offer an exchange for any items that are not 100% happy with. Unfortunately, due the nature of the product (stickers), Wall Sticker Shop does not offer refunds or accept returns on any sticker product. Exchanges are accepted within 14 days of the date of receipt. Packages must be returned in absolutely perfect, unopened condition. All stickers must also arrive without any creases or bends.

Seasonal items are non-returnable.

Other items on Wall Sticker Shop, such as mobiles and clocks, are returnable within 14 days of receipt, or store credit between 15-30 days. Original packaging must be included, and the product has to be in 100% re-sellable condition. If the package is returned used or damaged, it will be refused by our warehouse and sent back to you at your expense.

Please email us at service@wallstickershop.com for a RMA number and our returns address. Wall Sticker Shop offers no shipping and handling credit on returned merchandise and customer is responsible for return shipping. Returns and Exchanges must be received within 10 business days of receiving your RMA number.